Shadaloo arcade machines

24mm button silencers added

With the introduction of hitbox sticks the 24mm buttons are more popular than ever. Therefore we're showing our Hitbox love and developed silencers for 24mm buttons.
So now you can finally use your hitbox to beat your opponents in stealth.

Worldwide shipping discount on Silencers

Due to overseas orders we've added the option to have the silencer upgrades shipped per bubble-envelope. Total cost for worldwide shipping the silencers (up to 2 sets) is as low as 3,50 euro.

Shadaloo introduces the OBsX silent buttons

Playing deep into the night is possible again! No more angry family members or grumpy girlfriends in the morning. We've developed the OBsX silent buttons based on Sanwa's OBSF30. And we've also made these great gadgets available for any existing Sanwa OBSF30, OBSN30 or even OBSC30 buttons. Check out the OBsX buttons here and the upgrades here.

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