About Us

My first computer, a C64, was bought by our mother with the purpose to help me and my brother develop better eye-hand coordination. Games at that time were scarce and hard to get. Every tape we could get our hands on would be played for weeks and when there weren't any decent games around we would buy magazines that featured basic code that we would type in for days to be able to play our "own" games.
We were hooked to say the least and scraping together every penny during the early years of home computing we managed to upgrade our systems to keep up with the latest gaming trends.In these times the gaming news would be fed to us by buying game-magazines and like a common thread we would find that games that were brought to multiple systems would always be overshadowed by their Arcade version. The arcades featured the biggest sprites, most colors, or simply had the best version of almost every game. The arcades were the holy grail.

Our nearest arcades were about 20km away. Still we found our way to it a couple of times a week to play the latest and greatest games. Shoulder to shoulder, dropping coins to play the winner and having groups a people looking over your shoulder gave us the best feeling in the world. That sensation left us with the feeling of how games are meant to be played.

The introduction of the 16 bit consoles made us shift our attention away from the arcades. It drew us back into our living room and the arcade experience was watered down to an occasional visit to the snackbar's multi game cabinet.Regarding games the years that followed are a blur and the focus that we had on games like Street Fighter 2 were never equaled again. Until... news that Street Fighter 4 would be released in 2009.

The game was highly anticipated and met our every gaming need. The only downside was playing it with the current gens controllers. That meant looking for the ultimate way to relive the controls we once played in our SF2 arcade years and it boiled down to either buying a top-shelf production stick or building my own stick.

2009 was the year that I had built my own prototype stick and got so many requests to build more customs that I had found my crossroad of hobby, experience and a newly found career. In the following years I've build hundreds of custom sticks for players, fortune500 companies, professional gamers and even have had the privilege to build sticks for gamers with handicaps.

The passion for arcades never died and whilst building arcade sticks the logical next step would be to venture into the arcades again, this time as a business.I remember getting my hands on my first arcade machine and having the feeling of coming full circle. The hours spend playing the local arcades' machines, the quarters that I had spend and the experiences that I had were now in within my daily grasp.

We hope to not just offer machines but make dreams possible.