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SLG3000 scanline generator

The SLG3000 is a small PCB which allows you to display CRT'esque scanlines on VGA CRTs, LCDs or Plas..

48.95€ Ex Tax: 40.46€

Brook Universal Fighting Board

Features lMulti-console support Compatible with Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3 / PC / ..

87.95€ Ex Tax: 72.69€


The 'ChImp' is the integration of two boards, the 'Cthulhu' and the 'Imp', onto a single board...

33.95€ Ex Tax: 28.06€

Cthulhu MC Assembled

Assembled Multi-console Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board. The assembled MC Cthulhu board is the first completely..

40.75€ Ex Tax: 33.68€

Cthulhu Pre-Assembled

Assembled Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board. The assembled Cthulhu board is the first completely solderless board..

28.96€ Ex Tax: 23.93€

Dual-Strike Pre-Assembled

The Dual Strike PCB is a completely solderless board for your arcade stick. Every connection to butt..

28.95€ Ex Tax: 23.93€


The FGWidget LED Controller is a simple board made to be used in an arcade stick to control specific..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.01€

Imp Board v2.1

When using the Imp v2 with any two USB gamepad boards, the Imp v2 can be used to select which one ca..

9.95€ Ex Tax: 8.22€


- Install directly into Seimitsu KN transparent buttons. Works beautifully for ALL colors of KN tran..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

PS360+ PCB v2.1

*Currently out of stock* Contact us to see when they will restock. Version 2.1 The PS360+ PCB ..

57.95€ Ex Tax: 47.89€

Sixaxis Adapter

Ever wanted to mod your joystick so it can play on the PS3 wirelessly? Don't want to solder a bunch ..

21.95€ Ex Tax: 18.14€

Xbox One controller PCB -61%

Xbox One controller PCB

The PCB from an original Xbox One controller. Use it to build your own XBO joystick or arcade. ..

49.00€ 19.00€ Ex Tax: 15.70€