Vewlix Diamond

Vewlix Diamond

The Vewlix Diamond is the latest model that Taito produced. It flips around the entire color scheme of the previous Vewlix cabinets with its bright white powdercoated base and light blue panels. Combined with the brushed steel accents makes this a cab that deserves a prominent spot in a gameroom.
The Dia was build to run the latest generation of Nesica games and has therefor been fitted with an awesome 1080p LCD screen. The screen jumps out with its bright colors and a fast refresh rate.

The control panel has the brushed steel wrist rest. The control panel allows movelists to be added under the glass plate but lacks the abbility to add a light underneath it.

The Diamond was sold to Japanese arcade operators with JVS I/O and PSU as an option so please ask us for availability of the optional JVS I/O and power supply.


Control Compatibility

Originally the Velwix is JVS wired. That Dia has optional JVS I/O and PSU. Please ask for availability if needed.
If you want to use a console in the Vewlix we can wire it to your needs. We can fit compatibility for PS3, XB360, PC or a combination of consoles. Plug your console in and play!


The artwork upgrade consists of the artwork for the topper/marquee and the movelist. The artwork is printed onto high quality glossy paper and fitted inside the cabinet for you.


The sound of the Vewlix cabinets is great, but arcade operators need to keep the volume of the cabinets low so that the overall volume of the arcade is still acceptable. For that reason the vewlix mostly boasts high- and midrange tones. The subwoofer option utilizes the body of the Vewlix cabinet to enhance the power of the low tones. It also comes with a wired remote to be able to adjust the volume from within the control panel. The Diamond subwoofer is featured in a white color to match the cabinet.

Control Kit

The Vewlix cabinets were built for arcades so they do not have extra buttons to pauze, return or go the the home screen. Using the Vewlix for a console means you are missing out on essential functions of the console. For that reason we've designed a plate that sits on the control panel which houses these extra buttons for both players. It's located underneath the black plastic cap on top of the control panel. The plastic panel becomes a cover to still have the vewlix look original but once you slide it off you'll have all the functionality of your console.

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