Cthulhu Pre-Assembled

Cthulhu Pre-Assembled

Assembled Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board. The assembled Cthulhu board is the first completely solderless board for your arcade stick. Every connection to buttons or directions screw in directly to the side of the board, so installation requires nothing more than a screwdriver. The Cthulhu board works on any PC (including Mac, Windows Vista/XP/2K/98, and Linux) as well as Playstation 3 systems INCLUDING full backwards compatability with PS2 and PS1 games on all Playstation 3 models that support BC games; all without any drivers to install.


Features include:


- 20 screw terminals for connecting all of the wires going to your buttons and directions, including a VCC line to power your Perfect360, Sanwa Flash, or Suzo Inductive powered sticks, and/or various LED modifications (not includied), and four connected Ground terminals to make connecting your ground loops super easy and clean.


- USB 'B' jack so you can plug in a standard USB cable of any length or color to match your stick.


- Separate connection points for all power lines and signals to make installation along side a common ground Xbox360 pad as painless as possible. Please be aware, this is still a very difficult modification to do for any board, but the Cthulhu makes it as painless as possible.


-Four mounting holes at corners for easy installation inside your stick.


-Ability to make the Start and Select buttons activate the PS3 in game menu, so you have one less button to install in your stick.

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