SLG3000 scanline generator

 SLG3000 scanline generator

The SLG3000 is a small PCB which allows you to display CRT'esque scanlines on VGA CRTs, LCDs or Plasmas displays. The SLG3000 has a VGA input and a VGA output connector, a potentionmeter to adjust the scanline density and a few dip switches to adjust to the source signal's sync polarity. An on/off switch can be attached using screw terminals.

Thus SLG3000 is perfect to get arcade feeling for games coming from the 15Khz times.


- No external PSU is needed
- Plug inbetween your VGA Source and display
- 2 VGA female plugs
- DIP settings for even and odd lines
- DIP settings for different resolutions
- adjust scanlines continuously via potentiometers
- Screw terminals for on and off switch


The SLG3000 is a PCB without a case we offer the upgrade for a stylish casing made from colored or tranparant plexiglas. They are easy to assemble and look very slick on the SLG3000. Check 'm out : 






- Which sources will the SLG3000 work with directly ?

Everything that outputs VGA with a scanrate of 31khz or higher. This includes videogame systems like the Dreamcast or the XBox360 or emulation PCs with a standard graphics adapter.

- What about 480p from component outputs ?

If you have systems like the XBox 1, GameCube or PS2 you can transcode the signal from 480p component to VGA before feeding it into the SLG3000. Transcoders like these include the Neoya X2VGA or converters from Audio Authority or Kramer. A cheap (and good) one is the Lenkeng PSP scaler LKV7000.

- What about 480p from HDMI outputs ?

If you have a nettop for emulation which only has a HDMI output (or a system like the PS3) you can use a HDMI to VGA converter like the HDFury to feed the SLG3000.

- What about 240p or 480i from classic videogame systems ?

To "scanline" those you need an deinterlacer/upconverter/scaler between the source and the SLG3000. Refer to for available machines. Confirmed to be working with the SLG3000 are:

- DVDO processors like the iScan Pro, Ultra, HD, Vp30 or Edge (Edge only with additional HDFury)
- Cinemateq processors like the Picture Optimizer (needs a little work with a sync inverter)
- Micomsoft's XRGB series of processors
- Faroudja-based processors like the Videon Omega One or the Holo3DGraph capture card.
- HDBoxPro (and clones)

- What if I don't have VGA inputs on the television set ?

You can convert the SLG3000's output either to component using a VGA to component trancoder or you convert VGA to HDMI using a converter like the Gefen VGA to HDMI Scaler.

- Are the results worth the trouble anyway ?

Check the screenshots below or the dozens of digicam shots:





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