Namco Noir

Namco Noir

The Namco Noir 32 Inch LCD Arcade Cabinet is the perfect HD terminal for gaming. Compact in size, it features a 32 Inch High Definition LCD wide screen from Namco. The LCD screen also comes with HDMI and VGA connector.

This popular sit-down cabinet is often used with fighting games such as the Tekken series, but can work great with a wide variety of games.


Sitdown cabinet
32 inch HD LCD wide screen (1080p)
LCD screen with HDMI and VGA connector
Removable control panel with card reader
Wiring default: JVS
Colour: Cool black


Control Compatibility

Originally the Cabinet is JVS wired. That means it is able to host original arcade hardware which uses JVS wiring like the Namco's 356.
If you want to use a console/pc/raspberry PI/Mister in the cabinet we can wire it to your needs. We can fit compatibility for PS3,PS4,PS5 XB360,XBOne,RPi/Mister/PC or a combination of consoles. Plug your hardware in and play!


The artwork upgrade consists of the artwork for the topper/marquee and the movelist. The artwork is printed onto high quality glossy paper and fitted inside the cabinet for you.

Control Kit

The cabinets were built for arcades so they do not have extra buttons to pauze, return or go the the home screen. Using the cabinet for a console means you are missing out on essential functions of the console like the Home and Share buttons. For that reason we've designed a plate that sits on the control panel which houses these extra buttons for both players. It's located just above the control panel in a spot that was purposely built by Namco for upgrades.

Screen upgrade

We offer the cabinet in 3 setups.
- Original HD - The cabinet will run on its original 1080p screen. This is the factory screen which has been running since when the cabinet has been used in Japan. The screen will be cleaned thoroughly 
- Upgrade to QHD 1440p 165hz - The cabinet's screen will be swapped out for a brand new LG screen with crisp and ultra fast picture quality. Ready for fast paced games running from current gen and next gen hardware.
- Upgrade to 4K 60hz - The cabinet's screen will get a high grade LG 4K screen. Current and next gen hardware will have to keep up with the awesome resolution. Future proof for sure!

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