Wangan Midnight 3DX+ single

Wangan Midnight 3DX+ single

These are the new elements and additional elements!

My ghost will fight against your friends! Even just watching battles is exciting! New Mode Ghost Versus Battle Mode

Ghost Versus Battle Mode is a new mode for single play in which you can call your friends or the fastest player at the game arcade to play with them. Your ghost can also fight against your friends when you are not at the arcade.
Since the ghost memorizes each player's way of driving when they play in the game arcade, you will feel like you are racing with an actual player even though you are really playing a ghost!
When you play Ghost Versus Battle Mode, a ghost who has the same way of driving as you is created.
The "Ghost" is not really a ghost - like you find in other games, it has a real material form in the game so you can have exciting races.
If you are at the game arcade with your friend, you can search for your friend's ghost from the "Select by card name" menu and challenge his ghost!
The better dress-up parts you can get, the better your performance will be!
More than 100 dress-up parts are available!







Nobody knows who will win until the end of the race! A free branching system has been added to VS player mode!

Wangan Midnight's unique 4 player battle mode is now even more exciting. Because the player in the lead can choose a course at branching points, the finish line is always different.
You need not only driving technique but higher-level strategies like making settings before racing and ranking at branching points to win the race.

6 more cars have been added!

6 cars including the newest sports cars are available now!

A long-awaited new course has arrived!

Three new courses are available - "Wangan line", "Yokohane line" and the "Hanshin high speed circular line"!
You can enjoy Wangan Midnight's high-speed racing even more!!
Wangan line with its long straight road
You can enjoy yourself to the max with ultra high-speed racing at over 300km/h!
Yokohane line with its gentle consecutive curves
Positioning is the key to victory!
Hanshin high speed circular line with simple layout
Wining at the right-angle corners leads to victory!






All the background music in this game is totally new!

Twenty three new popular trance tracks have been made especially for this game! Just like in the previous titles, all tracks were composed by Yuzo Koshiro! Don't miss these new trance masterpieces, created just for Wangan!
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